That'll be questions that are asked on a frequent basis then.

Why isn't every interview you claim to have done not online?
They may turn up, they may not. all the early ones were done years ago and were in print and we may not have the files now.

Why isn't it updated that often?
The website is more of an archive than a live database driven site. At the moment we are only seeing it as a record of past achievments and adding a few new interviews slowly. Maybe when we have the technology and time available this will change.

Will there be any other content up there like reviews?

All lot of other sites have reviews and you can get this sort of content in many places, so no reviews. We are more interested in showing our interviews that are exclusive to the fanzine. As for other content, we're still thinking.

Why are the pages really text heavy?
We didn't want to edit out too much from our interviews, this is the only place you will get to see the whole interviews. We know some of the pages aren't too pleasing on the eye, but the formatting is beginning to change to make the pages appear cleaner. For the time being it's more important just to have the content online. The older interviews will remain
in the old style.

I thought it was only about music, who is Paul Hills?
From an early stage we got to interview more than just bands, including film people and we wanted to celebrate this. As we expand we will try and interview a wider range of people when the opportunities arise.

What are the future plans?

Maybe some isnakebite DJ nites and band promotions...We'll keep you informed,

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