They offer an intriguing combination of synth pop, electro beats and the
odd sleazy lyric.
Pay attention and report for your first Client meeting.

It's a cold Tuesday night and I find myself downstairs at The Notting Hill Arts Club, waiting for one half of the band Client. They are the first signing’s to a new label, Toast Hawaii, owned by a one Andrew Fletcher, an original of Depeche Mode since well, a long time ago. The band formed in 2002 and have been sectioned under the Electroclash act by the music press. While some of their tunes are poppy enough to sit comfortably on a Saturday morning TV chart show, other more darker ones are suited to the club scene with their pulsating synth beats and occasional sleazy lyric. You see their appeal.

So I'm downstairs waiting for Client A or Kate Holmes, as she's better known. After hanging around for a while in the club, I find her. After admitting she has a bad throat I get lead up to the very glamorous depths between the top entrance of the club and the bottom stairs. With the music in full effect downstairs and the traffic outside letting itself be heard I began my interview
in the hope that I would every word be recorded on my trusted tape machine and less of the late evening traffic passing by.

Musically, tonight's club listings described 'a night of Electroclash' to come. Various guests DJ's were to play every month, amongst them guests from
Mute Records, who license the band's label. This was a packed lineup for the 'Being Boiled' night and Client were playing live tonite. So Kate, what was the purpose of tonight?

"It's just to have our own electro club and to play live and get a bit of a following" admits Kate. "We had the club going before. We wanted to do something in West and not East London and we’re collaborating with Mute. It's not about making money, if we lose money we don't really care. It’s a chance for the fans to come out and hear us."

The band may only have formed last year but there's a history behind Client already, So how exactly did the girls together in the first place? >>

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