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This is the new look and new name for Snakebite Fanzine. founded in 1996 by Andrew Mclean, George Lah-Anyane and Kirit Patel. Read the History section to find about how it all started and see who we've interviewed here. Also find some of your questions answered in our FAQ section.
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Credit where credits due
Too many people to acknowledge in such a small space. Though we big up Pomona and Mike from Infected especially for being there from the start. Also everyone else who has talked to us, including all the bands. Your names are now in 10pt Verdana, what more do you want?

Special thanks to George Lah-Anyane for the help on the paper version of Snakebite. Assisting with early interviews, working well with staples and harnessing the true power of the photocopier.

The original (paper view-geddit?) debut issue (right) 10 years ago. Departed now to the great big paper shredder in the sky...