Snakebite fanzine
A history

The fanzine started way back in 1996 when its founders were still at college in Northampton. Whilst thinking there was very little point in putting any efforts into their final year's project work, (the damage had already been done) three friends decided whilst watching Euro '96 to launch their own fanzine with little or no contacts at the time but with lots of ideas and cheap cider, the adventure began.

Back then it was a simple black and white paper 'zine and the most we ever spent on it then was the purchase of a brand new stapler and some cheap Superdrug Film for snapping the action with. At this time, it was 'just a laugh' and it went by the name of 'Snakebite Fanzine' - terrible name maybe, but hey, we were young.

After about eight paper issues it appeared online exclusively all lovingly crafted and coded by hand entirely by its Editor, who went by the name of Andrew Mclean - infact he still does goes by that name. Anyhow, the website was hosted on BT servers with a completely unmemorable url. This was the start of its online presence, albeit a little basic, but it was there for all to see.

By the time 2002 came round the magazine had stalled somewhat and with two of the other team members involved now busy with their own post graduate careers, the site's new content slowed down. It began to look out of date and in all honesty these things just demand too much time and enthusiasm got less and so did the number of new interviews.

And that's where the story leads us into 2003. Having reassessed the site, and reflected on all the laughs gained from it, we decided (with a staff rota of two) to redesign the site. The aim was to make it look a bit more grown up, we needed animated gif's and popups. We had to pick up the momentum for it once again and try and get some juicy new interviews along with some new backstage Access All Areas laminates.

With a proper domain bought after years of holding onto the name, we had something in place for snakebite fanzine to move towards. The name had been updated now to Why the 'i'? Because all the cool Internet related things start with an 'i' of course...ibook, ipod.

Through the years of making the trains connections to various gigs up and down the country, ringing press companies and handing out dodgy flyers, we now have a permanent and proper place to show off all of our achievements. Having interviewed a number of bands before they made it big, Coldplay, Travis, and Muse to name a few, we thought it would only be fair to share this content with everyone. We are proud of our achievements and without sounding arrogant, want to show it off.

From the paper 'zine through to the latest electronic presence we have written hundreds of quotes, taken a ton of photos and we're still going. To be honest we're not entirely sure where this will take us. But that's the beauty of it all, as long as we feel people may be interested in what we do, we'll keep doing it. We're still having a laugh and we hope you too will find some funny things here to entertain you. Keep coming back for more...


The staff :: 2004

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