Over the years we've mainly helped promote bands from Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes get gigs nationwide. In 2001 Snakebite joined 13 Promotions and helped to bring touring bands to Milton Keynes and Luton, including bands like The Libertines, Seafood, Tom Hingley, Chris Helme and many more.

Well we've been quiet on the promoting side, mainly because I bought a flat and been on holiday. Well I deserve it, lol. At the beginning of Feb we were inches, yes inches away from booking Ghosts in April/May. If only venues and their managers were more interested in music rather than what could be in their pockets things would be different.

Ghosts :: Maybe in MK one day.
We have the music. We have the equipment and we have the knowledge. This is really to those local, but hey we may travel. If you're looking for some DJs for a night, no matter what the style - we may be able to help if not we'll try to point you in the right direction.
2004 was a hard year for promoting. Finding a decent local venue was hard so we moved it all to The Well in Luton and booked Bloc Party, Mark Joseph, The Barbs, The Open and Pure Reason Revolution before the venue decided to change the rules. Jet Plane Landing also stopped by for us in MK.
Bloc Party :: The Well - Luton :: March 2004 - Where were you?
Our Last promotion was in 2005, with the now successful The Feeling. It was a grand night. Hopefully there will be others in the not too distant future.
The Libertines:: Zaks - Milton Keynes :: September 2002 - Where were you?
More Promotions
Details of our promotions can be found here....
Space Raiders :: Bar Central - Milton Keynes  :: July 1999 :: Our first gig ever