They are Mute records signings and have nothing to do with the Comet sale. We plug Appliance. By Andrew Mclean.

As Thursday’s go music wise in Milton Keynes Zak’s is fundamentally the place to be. Tonight independent promoters have booked Beggar Banquet’s new signing’s Oceansize. The surprise however comes in the form of the support Appliance. The band signed to Mute records responsible for the critically acclaimed album 'Manual' and the follow up 'Imperial Metric'.
So was this tour a measure for the new album?
"It’s been so long since we toured. So we’re starting with a low key beginning
to get used to playing the new songs. It’s a kind of start the ball rolling," explains James Brooks the band’s founder.
"It’s actually been over a year," adds David Ireland the band’s drummer, with
a look of relief that the band are touring once again.
Bassist Michael Parker adds his own feelings. "Yes it has been a while and you do get out of sink and out of step with what’s required."
If you were to look at the band’s website you would find the track listening for their forthcoming third album, 'Are You Earthed?' It was finished in July and
the album’s cover sleeve design is available for viewing. The band has even selected the first single to be released. After touring with Oceansize the band will move onto Europe supporting Wire. Just how long had it taken for the band to be in such a position?
"The album as you know was finished in July. It took around six months to write and a couple to mix. This is part of the build up, part of the march," announces David.
Michael injects more reasoning for this method. "Mute were taken over by EMI and as a result there is the feeling towards the necessity to to campaign. We would have preferred the album to be out in October when it was already
to go."
The backing of a huge label one would expect would help rather than hinder but would it work? Would a campaign be successful in widening the band's appeal band’s appeal? >>
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