The retro set later that night wouldn’t include 'A Gentle Cycle Revolution' but would include 'Personal Stereo'. Would the reason for it be that they were scared?
"Yes, we’re petrified to play them," laughs James "no seriously it is for technical reasons."
Even by mentioning the subject the band discuss the possibilities of playing some new songs as James states. "This leads us back to what we were saying before about playing this gig, we are sorting out what can and can’t be done."
The year 2000 saw the band release 'Six Modular Pieces EP' after 'Manual' offering us the killer single 'Personal Stereo'. As a result it had been stated that the band were "exploring new territories whilst expanding on the themes of their previous recordings, repetition and simplicity". As well as "seeing them in a transitional phase, making greater use of electronics and samplers in their music". Though now onto their third album did the band think they had finally created their own style or were they still diversifying?
"To say our records are unique would be a grand statement," claims James. "Though they do have a certain style that is just Appliance’s. We dip into a lot of things. I wouldn’t say that we are only one thing. We sound more distinctive. That’s a better word."
It can be emotionally draining when people write and record, did that affect the band at all?
James once again quickly jumps in. "We were emotionally drained when we finished it. Now when we listen to it we are kind of proud of it but quite drained by it. You have to click your mind into a different mind set because now we have to tour the record. We have to focus now that we have finished it and we’re really proud of it. It’s a great record. I think we’ve made our best record. We all think that, that once 'Are You Earthered?' is released it will be our best statement we’ve made to date. It’s a nice feeling, that you’ve got it in the bag."

Interviewed by Andrew Mclean 2002
All photography © Appliance 2002
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