Backyard Babies
The Backyard Babies formed in 1987, so the phrase "been around a bit" comes to mind. On the 24th April 1998, the Swedish band stopped of at the London ULU, so did for a pre gig interview with the lead singer and guitarist Nicke Borg.

In all those years you've done a lot of touring, how do you cope with that?

"It's very easy to do if you love it," begins Nicke. "It can be hard sometimes that's the luxury of problems. Some days you'll be complaining. For us, we love music, we love to do this (interviews? - Ed) and we love to do tours. Sometimes it's shit but sometimes it's very good. But still, Bourbon on the rocks with Alkaseltzer, that's how we cope with it. If we were at this same level some six years ago. . . ."

Would you have given up?

"No, we wouldn't have given it up, just looked ten years older!" laughs Nicke before taking a sip from his bottled water.

All that touring, all those gigs. Nicke's played a lot of places but is there anywhere in particular he would like to play?

"It's very cool that the record has been released in Japan," says Nicke whilst beaming a huge smile. "I believe that every band in the world wants to play in Tokyo, to play there once in their lives. I've said 'Good evening London', 'Good Evening New York' so announcing 'Good Evening' to Tokyo would be great and it's already booked. We'll be there at the end of June hopefully."

What gives him the most buzz or the most happiness from being in a band?

"The funny thing with a release, is you know some people are buying it. They act like when I bought my first record and went to my first show. You get a kick from that the audience loves it. It's nice to see on paper that your records are selling and it's nice to have some money in the bank. But once again, playing gigs, it's the best thing, it's payday, to be performing forty or fifty minutes on stage that's the most important thing I think. When the aftershow party gets more fun than the gigs then you are in trouble." >>

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