I Am Kloot
Are you? No I am? It's an old joke that thankfully rarely rises at gigs. Though shamefully used to lead into an interview with the Manchester musical trio.

I Am Kloot rounded up 2002 by playing a few dates, including a sell out at the Scala in London. The band has returned this June as part of the "I Am Kloot revue". Supported by the dancing ladies known as Troupe and poetic music folk Superqueens it's going to be an interesting night out. The band has been away working on a new album set for a September release. March saw the band release "Untitled#1" it favoured well as an example of things to come and while the rolling-stomping new single "Life In A Day" is set for release next week, the wheels of the press wagon have begun to roll.
The band's lead singer John Bramwell has already spent part of the afternoon being interviewed by Virgin's DJ Pete Mitchell which he admitted was a laugh as he knew him from his Djing days in Manchester. He also was interviewed for the BBC World service, "It's got an estimated audience of 35 million listeners," laughs John.
So I'm sitting on the edge of the Scala stage, with John for a post gig interview. We discuss the performance and climatic finish of tonight's set with "Life In A Day" with the Troupe girls spinning and swaying on stage. We also talk about his friends from the north, Elbow. However finally after many interruptions from appreciating fans the subject moves more towards the band's actual music.
Could John laugh about recording the second album? There is after all this mythological bridge of difficulties that bands have to cross between albums.
"I never really considered the whole thing like that. If you have respect where music and songs come from, you shouldn't. I don't know exactly where they come from but I do believe in a muse. All you have to think about is 'you' and 'that'. It can be difficult sometimes but you don't really go round thinking, "Oh this is the second album". If the music comes then great, sometimes it doesn't come and you have to wait."
It sounds like he's got another record label that supports the band. After all there are expectations from fans and labels.
"Everything that we do, we record how we want. We have the singles and videos how we want. We are the artist and the label supports us with what we do and that is fucking great and long may it continue." >>

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