Imogen Heap
New songwriter and performer Imogen Heap kindly agreed to meet us for a pre gig interview and drink

I'm sitting downstairs at the Camden Monarch in the company of Imogen Heap's manager, who's in a jubilant mood. He tells me that tonight Imogen will be recording some of the live performance for an EPK for Asia. Though in truth we spend more time talking about his other new band he's just started to look after called the Dum-Dums, after one of them has approached us to tell us that sales for tickets for the Covent Garden Rock City gig are going extremely well. I'm offered several tickets, but I decline, there's only so many times I can afford to travel from Milton Keynes to London in a week, this being the third.
My polite refusal isn't heard and said tickets are thrust in my hand for free.

Imogen arrives, looking extremely tall, though in comparison with me everyone usually is. After Imogen returns with refreshments it's time to get down to the nitty gritty and find out where it all began.

So Imogen probably never thought back then that she would end up recording an album, let alone her first in New York.

"Yes, I had never been there before. It was fantastic, I just love New York. It's now one of my favourite places. I just love the people, they're all individual, completely diverse. I've just read 'American Psycho' as well, that's set in New York, it enlightened me on parts of New York that I hadn't seen. There was one experience that I had after several drinks. I was walking around with my walkman on really loud and there was one song that I was really into at the time, Sublime's 'What I've Got'. The same guy that was producing my album produced it, so I thought I'd listen to it. I was hanging around Brooklyn Bridge on my own. The skyline view was just the best ever. It's just a huge city, not in width but in height. I was sitting there watching people walk and cycle by. I put on the song when the sun started to go down and all the lights flickered and begun to come on. I just started to dance and no-one seemed to care."

So how's life treating Imogen at the moment? >>

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