After watching the band sound check at the Garage in Islington, we stopped by in a nearby restaurant with the band for a bite to eat and a couple of drinks and thoughts on their recent Pheonix performance.

"It was good. It was hot. We had a good gig," begins lead vocalist and guitar player Caroline Finch. "We played at 2:30 in the afternoon, which made a change from last year when we played at 12:30. So it was less getting out of bed."

With talk recently of some artistes staying in hotels before their gigs did the band have a tent and kip out in the fields or did they stay in a hotel?

"It was a mixture," states Caroline.

"I had a tent, but I never made it to the tent," explains the band's bassist Emma.

"I stayed in a hotel but I never made it to the hotel," laughs Caroline.

Recently the band has supported the Fun Lovin Criminals and Rollins band. Somewhat different from their very first gig.

"It was at the Dublin Castle in Camden," begins Paul Jones the quartet's other guitarist. "We were the fourth band on and we had about as much stage room as the size of this table. It was terrifying but it was good fun."

The band has scraped through a variety of individual problems on stage as comes with the territory of a learning curve. Paul is alarmingly going into detail but informing us all with a huge grin on his face he can see the lighter side of it all. "The valves on my amp blew up or something. I was on half power at quarter power. It was like all the volume had gone and the microphone wasn't working on my amp as well."

Emma adds to the mood. "At Harlem we thought someone was shouting, 'You're bollocks'. It turned out they were saying, 'You're the bollocks'," she explains laughing. >>

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