Llama Farmers
Our intrepid reporter is sitting around a table upstairs at the new 'Scala' venue in Kings Cross with the fiery fourpiece from Greenwich. After missing a fruitless photo shoot before their headline slot with Seafood and Snow Patrol the band share some smokes and some personal time.

First things first, how was their recent trip to Scandinavia - girls, drugs and booze?

"It was good," begins lead vocalist and guitarist Bernie. "Apart from the first day, which was in Gothenburg, somewhere in that big old country Sweden."

Drummer Brooke explains. "One bloke turned up he bought two pints, got up on the stage and started singing opera and then he got chucked out!"

So what about the rest of the dates?

"Well they were more like a Camden Palace sort of thing, a club and then a band on at about midnight," he adds.

The Llama Farmers began with Brooke and Will being in the same school classes. Brooke lied and said he could play the drums. Consequently they were 'crap' (sic). They went through a bunch of other musicians until they asked the as yet silent Jennie Simpson to join and she wouldn't come without her brother Bernie. So was it a Noel Gallagher/Rain type affair?

"Er…yeah! hahaha," laughs Bernie.

So with Bernie as the main songwriter, who was he influenced by when he wrote?

"I don't know. When you're writing you don't really think about people you like because that's a little too sad, you know, a little too magpie. I'm influenced by everything I listen to, people, events and places. You don't just write to sound like people you like because you might as well play in a covers band."

For the rest of the year the band have been on tour with the now defunct 3 Colours Red. Headlined their own tour, signed a major record deal and recorded the fine debut LP 'Dead Letter Chorus'. What about band highlights? >>

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