"We had been nominated for the Brit Awards long before 'Nosebleed' went in the top ten and the album at one. Though at the time we thought we were still a fan based band. Although I think 'Wide Open Space' was the most played record on Radio 1 in December, which was around the time we were nominated. Though we still thought we were very much a fan based band and we weren't reaching beyond our fan base. So I suppose being nominated by Radio 1 listeners was a massive thrill, a big buzz. Apparently we were the first band to be nominated for a Brit Award before releasing an album."

Why have you released so many EPs?

"We came to the end of the year and we thought we'd better record our album. Basically our main priority was not to try and hold onto songs. Our idea of how to go about things was to release whatever we had recorded at the time. So we had more songs and released then and that's the way it carried on."

You also appeared on the 'News At Ten'. How did that come about?

"'The News At Ten' decided to do a piece on the British music industry and
they talked a bit about Oasis and they decided that they wanted to talk about up and coming groups as well. They picked on us at a gig in Norwich and
filmed a bit of that and did an interview with Paul. That was the first serious television appearance. We'd only really done Zig and Zag before so it was quite a buzz being on the news."

And what about the impeccable timing of 'Stripper Vicar'? (For those of you
that don't remember the EP was released the same week at the catholic church's dodgy ministers were exposed for scandalous behaviour). >>

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