While the English football team is close to a victory against Poland, isnakebite walks out of the Bedford Esquires with Posh to enjoy the sunshine, drink wine and eat Pizza. Oh and have an interview.
The trio formed back in 1995 and in 1996 released their debut single 'Mermaid' which was about sex. Quite a few people missed the point but still it charted high in the 'indie' charts. So by comparison how was their very first gig?

"It was at Smashing and we were quite crap," admits lead singer Pippa.

"Pippa was our roadie and she drove for the first time in five years. She hit a bunny and it rolled down a bank at the side of the road," states James, the band's keyboardist.

"That's right," starts Pippa in a fit of excitement from remembering. "So on the day I drove from Bath to London. After the gig I had to get up at seven in the morning, two hours later, and drive back to Bath."

Smashing is a club in Regent Street run by Minty's Matthew Glamorre and Menswear's manager Adrian Webb and offers a dance floor that can be raised and lowered even during a performance if you so desired. After their debut gig Adrian offered to manage them. So it wasn't that bad after all. Singles would follow, 'Mermaid' as previously mentioned and other releases on Arista and Rhythm King.

'I Confess', is slow compared to some of the band's other songs. They can be interpreted as a bit of tongue and cheek but would the band ever get a bit serious and say record an acoustic song?

"It is a ballad of sorts," begins Pippa. "We did an acoustic set on GLR on Phil Jupitus's show, we actually performed 'I Confess'.

"I don't think we'll go as far as recording one," admits guitarist Richard who would later admit to playing a tin whistle in Martin Scorsese's 'Last Temptation of Christ'.
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