Rachael Yamagata
Rachael loves to travel and write music. She has a twin brother called Benjamin. She's fourth generation Japanese on her father's side with a German Italian mother. This has nothing to do with her music, it just fills out her intro.

Rachael Yamagata describes her relationship with Tom McRae as "pretty organic". The very same way she describes the production of her debut album 'Happenstance', but more of that later.

Tonight the twenty-something self-confessed hopeless romantic American songstress is supporting Tom at the Carling Academy in London. "We just have these weird intersecting lives," she adds.

They met in March 2002 at a BMG international conference showcasing for the label. She opened for him that night and a week later in New York. Circumstances called for Rachael to 'borrow' Tom's cellist for the recording of her album, "because mine pulled out at the last minute," she admits.

"We kept in touch. I'm not sure when we decided to do this tour but I just did
a US tour and Tom opened for me. That time I had the full band and he had made a Trio. So it was reversal roles for about a month."

That US tour was her second headlining tour.

"The first time was quite intimidating. I had a new band and I didn't even know if people would show up because you're not aware of the press that you get or whether people are reacting on a subjective level." She pauses for thought, "and then it was great."

"The second tour," she continues "was a little more relaxed because the band had settled in and we felt good and there were a lot of sold out shows. The gigs were booked nicely and so it took a little of the pressure off. Though gigging is a crazy experience because there is so much weight on every show. People show up or they don't and it's all under your name." >>

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