The Space Monkeys
This is the first date of your new tour isn't it? How do you think it will compare?

"It is the first date of the tour and we've done two tours before but this is like bigger. We're just getting up there in profile sort of terms or whatever and its fucking madness. It's like a school trip. You're out on the road with your mates and you've got free beer and you're sorted out in hotels. There's loads of like decent people coming to your gigs. It's just a ride."

Musicians have the opportunity to say things to collective audiences; if you could grab the world's entire population's attention what would you say?

"Switch off. I don't tend to be a spokesman for anybody and I don't think anyone in the band has anything particluar they want to say. Everything is put in the songs you know what I mean?"

Finally is there anything that you would like people to know about the Space Monkeys?

"I don't know what to tell you because we're sought of in limbo. We recorded our album quite a while a go. With the record label setting up on its own again as an independent it sought of delayed the release of our album. Have you heard it? The album's sort or rocky. Well you've seen the gig we did at the Borderline. The album is more diverse than that. It's got jungle tunes on it,
folk sort of jungle tunes and hip hop tracks and house tracks kind of stuff."

Interview by Andrew McLean 1997
Photography © Andrew McLean & © The Space Monkeys
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