Jetplane Landing
This Jetplane landed in Milton Keynes and so did we.

I sit upstairs at the Woughton Centre in the company of Andrew Ferris, guitarist and lead singer of Jetplane Landing, a band he set up with former Cuckoo colleague and bassist Jamie Burchell. The two would eventually move to London and be joined by Jamie's brother Raife on drums. There would be a few tours to support the well-received debut album 'Zero for Conduct' before guitarist Cahir O'Doherty would complete the line up.

I recall to Andrew the time I watched Cuckoo support Mover at the 100 Club, would he mind me raising the subject?

"No of course not, it's not something that I often get asked about because not a lot of people are aware of what I did before. I was very young when I was in Cuckoo. I was a very different person as you are when you're eighteen. I'm 26 now and you change an awful lot as a person. Being in Cuckoo opened my eyes to what the music industry actually was because we were thrown into the deep end and very quickly I discovered I didn't like it. I look back on Cuckoo and I think about the music that we made, the way we were as people. I think what I've learned is that you are you're environment and you make music dependent on the environment that you're in. That's why I think Jetplane Landing has done better because I'm much happier in the environment that we're in, travelling the way that we do and with the people that are in the band."

One thing you learn first, is that you spend a lot of time standing around. Obviously you've found through experience a better way to use that time?

"What I wanted to do was to make use of that time. I log onto our website through a laptop and monitor it. Whenever we arrive at shows we do the soundcheck, we sort out t-shirts, look after the merchandise store, we talk to people similar to yourself and we answer emails. We're so much more involved, always on the phone, almost to the point that some times when it comes to do the show its "Fuck do we have to do the show?" I wake up early and I think about the band and it occupies my entire day." >>

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