The Icelandic band find themselves in Northampton as part of their tour to sing about being a 'Jedi Wannabe' and not their country, that was left to Bennet.
Tonight at the Northampton Roadmenders marks the final day of the May tour for Bellatrix. The girls are sixteen days older but have they changed at all?

"No not really," explains main vocalist Eliza, she laughs, "we've drunk more
and had a few more hangovers."

So the tour hasn't changed the band much then?

"We've taken more steps forward in our performing," continues Eliza, "combining our new energy makes it seem more natural now, making it more easier."

The band moved from Reykjavik almost a year ago. "We have our own identity," begins Eliza, "obviously coming from a different country we have a different view on things, we're probably more straight forward!"

Does that mean that Icelandic song writing is fuelled from something different?

Eliza speaks again. "I don't think we write about anything in particular, writing is something that we have to do." She pauses and then smiles. "It's all about sex and lllluuuuuuv." Eliza and Sigrun start to laugh, almost into a giggle state.

Eliza confirms that she doesn't find it too difficult to sing in English. From as early as she can remember she was raised in a dual-speaking household. Life away from home isn't too bad. They've made occasional trips back and had friends and family visit but Eliza admits to the band united in being homesick every three months or so. Fans shouldn't worry they're enjoying themselves, even if they feel that the food over in Iceland is better. Is there an Icelandic national dish?

"Curried Puffin," shouts Eliza. It takes the girls a minute to stop laughing. >>
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