One of their singles can be currently heard on a certain mobile phone manufacturer's adverts. Andrew Mclean does dialing for an answer or two.

It's a wicked Wiija night at Camden Dingwalls, the last half hour has been spent interviewing Sgt Rock but headliners and label mates Brassy are also under the light. Being the centre of attention is something the band revels in.
It's 2000, but the first actual Brassy record release was 'Boss' in 1996. Does that make you feel old, that you've been around a bit?
"We certainly do," quips Jonny. "We've been producing singles so it's good to finally get the chance to record an album properly."
"There's been lots of singles, lots of toilet tours," admits Stefan.
"More toilet tours than I care to remember really," laughs Karen loudly.
Manchester bands with American female singers aren't exactly the norm. Muffin claims she trapped her thigh getting off the plane and met Karen at the Swedish massage parlour where she went for treatment, later the two would form a great friendship. Karen massaged your thigh then?
"Yeah. I had this really serious injury to one of my muscles I was on crutches."
"And I came in asking for extras," laughs Jonny. It's a comment that sends us laughing and gives us an insight to Jonny's forthcoming examples of very down-to-earth humour. "And Karen slapped me in the face. I said 'Right I'm leaving, but girl you've got good rhythm'."
It took effectively three years to get where they are today. At a time when Britpop was ruling the airwaves 'Boss' led comparisons to Elastica, which were inevitable but over time things would change. Three singles were released on independent imprint Costermonger, home also to Gene, before the label ran out of money and left Brassy having to fend for themselves. The band's drummer Jonny Barrington under the alias of DJ Swett would subsequently introduce some scratchings and a few breaks and beeps.
"We targeted some record companies with our new material, Wiija was one of them," exclaims Jonny. "They liked what they heard and signed us."
Indeed their debut for the Wiija Records label, the 'Bonus Beats EP', attracted the attention of turntablist Rob Swift who offered to remix their single 'I Can't Wait'. To be in a position with a credible label would be rewarding as Stefan would explain. "Signing to Wiija was a great pay off for all the hard work we'd made and the crap that we had to put up with." >>
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