Guy and Johny warm up to some questions from Andrew Mclean way back in 2000. Hah hah, warm get it?

The secret is out on Coldplay. A one-off single for Fierce Panda, 'Brothers And Sisters', broke into the UK Top 100. Then came the fabulous 'Blue Room EP' last October on Parlophone. Now following the chart success of their debut single 'Shiver' the band are on tour stopping off at the Esquires in Bedford.
It's been two years since you started out as Starfish has it been a quick two years for you?
"It seemed quick at the start," starts Guy. "So much has happened, but no, I think the first year went quite slowly."
Johny has it been any different for you?
"It hasn't happened all too fast. I'm pretty pleased with it. One thing that we would have liked to have achieved but haven't managed yet is to finish the album."
Your recent chart success one would expect would have had a knock on effect with the recording of the album, how has that been?
"It's been great," says Johny with a big smile. "But slow, it's taking longer than we'd expected."
When and why did you decide to change the name of the band?
"After the first gig was when we decided to change it," starts Johny. "Why? well because it was shit." The comment sends all three of us into laughter. Johny regains his composure and continues "I think it was also because there were three other bands called Starfish at the time."
As I mentioned before the chart success for 'Shiver' coming in at 35 was great. Was it at all what you expected?
"We were expecting top 75," admits Guy. "But never top 40 at all."
Personally I think it's a great song, well written with gentle guitars but what do you think was the reason for its success?
"I think it is something everyone can relate to," starts Guy. "It's got a good melody."
"It was pretty hard to produce though," adds Johny.
Do you try to get that sound on the stage or is it different, because as you say it was hard to produce? >>

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