Dust Junkys
It's been said a million times already. We're not lazy, we just can't think of a humorous introduction. MC Tunes (aka Nicky Lovett) has formed a band called 'The Dust Junkys' so we interviewed them at the Bedford Esquires. Okay, so we are lazy.

The music press reminds us of Nicky's musical past but how did the band actually come together?

"I had already written a few tracks and had some ideas going. I pulled a few contacts together and with the help of Steve we put the band together. Ganiyu came then Sam and Mikey joined later. We just started playing, getting gigs. I've had a lot of experience with gigs than everybody else has on stage. D'ya know what I mean? Everybody liked what I'd started and we've had a free reign to express ourselves. Everybody's really happy and we've stuck with it."

Did he find that the rest of the bands were a little in awe because of his experience?

"No, but in some ways. I know Sam was a fan and I was dead surprised to hear that 'cause he bought the album as a young guy. D'ya know what I mean? I didn't know that and I don't think Steve knew too much about me and it was more of a case of like, when you have a reputation you have got to put it off pronto. I don't think they were in awe, more like, curious."

What was the first Dust Junkys band practice like?

"It was surprisingly very good. We played 'What Time Is It?', 'Fever' and 'Nothing Personal'."

The single "What Time Is It?" has already been released on the special Big Issue CD, how did that come about?

"We were asked and we said, "yes"."

Looking back then, when the band offered the track did you ever have any thoughts that it would be released as a single in its own right? >>
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