Essex based band Headswim have stepped into Northamptonshire as part of their tour. With the forthcoming single 'Tourniquet' likely to dispel any rumours that the band aren't trying to be accessible, lead singer Dan Glendining agrees to have a chat before the gig.

So how was the gig in Oxford last night?

"Cool, it was pretty good, there were a lot of people," begins Glen arranging himself on the wall that surrounds the back of the Roadmender. "The night before that, we headlined a gig in London which was a real vibe. They were quite a subdued audience but they were into it."

It had been mentioned in the music press that the band had changed their music a lot from their last album 'Flood'. Notably, Glen had been crediting producer Steve Osbourne a lot for helping the band change their sound. The former Happy Monday's 'Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches' man, Glen admits, they hoped to work with again in the future. So did he think that this change was due to more in their style of songwriting or in the content of the songs?

"A bit of both really. The songwriting has got better in the fact that they stand out on an acoustic guitar. None of the songs on 'Flood' really did. They were just based on energy."

So how was the recording of the album?

"It was nice because it was in this residential studio outside Bath and Steve lives in Bath. It took about eight weeks and we knew it was going to be a fairly long session so we were strict with our working hours. We weren't you know, going to go on till four in the morning and start late the next day as a result of that. We kept it pretty much like 11 till 10, so we could get to the pub for last orders. We recorded each song as a whole thing and then moved onto the next so there wasn't too much sitting around."

With a new album under their belts things were beginning to gain momentum. The band got to appear on Top Of The Pops, many a young musician's dream. So how was it? >>

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