We've interviewed Idlewild twice. During that two year period the band's music has matured, they have released two exceptional albums. Record sales have grown as has the fan base which would explain the gig at the Astoria.

It is a mad media frenzy, or so it seems, seven fanzine writers stuck in a
room with Rod and Colin, guitarist and drummer respectively of the Scottish band Idlewild. It didn't seem that wild two years ago, January 1998 to be
exact, when I sat down with the band's bassist Rob at the Roadmenders in Northampton before they supported the mighty Midget and Glitterbox. The Captain EP was released and the NME was already heralding the band's music as life changing. Something to be felt so strong at such an early time,
perhaps it was a premature suggestion?
"Maybe not premature but it came quicker than we expected. I suppose in
a way a little premature but we've worked enough for it, we've worked hard for it. Though sometimes we feel we're not quite ready for it yet, though we're warming to it now." Those were Rob's feelings back then but what would he be feeling now? He's currently with Roddy working on a television interview.
No-one knows where Midget went but Colin claims Glitterbox split up not long after supporting Aerosmith at the London Astoria.
You see it's all a bit mad, I'm at the Astoria on a Saturday afternoon
attending a specially arranged gig for Japanese television or XFM gig,
whatever turns you on. Either way it co-incides with the album's release date and in about two hours at 3pm I'll be stepping outside in the glorious sunshine thinking "Did that just happen?" Ah yes, the sun, Rob as I would recall "would like to come out of his house and have the sun shine on him every time he went to the chippy." A modest man, who would prefer to be comfortably well off at that time in the band's career rather than be experiencing the then Oasis proportions of wealth and fame.
Fame though would change as after the Captain EP would come the album "Hope Is Important" with the successful single "When I argue I see Shapes"
, followed by "100 Broken Windows" which brings us up to date.
Last month the single 'Actually it's darkness' preceded the album, charting in the top thirty the band would perform on Top Of The Pops for their first time. After the recording the band would race down the M1 to Northampton for
touring commitments back for a late night gig at a packed Roadmenders. >>

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