Lo Fidelity Allstars
Skint's on form band The Lo Fidellity Allstars have returned to Northampton selling out the 'big room'. Andrew McLean greets them on their return to ask some questions.

A self-confessed tired Albino Priest and Wrekked Train sit down by the table near the cloakroom.
"I know it's only been four dates so far but it's been non stop really, so we're all a little knackered," begins the Priest, "We've got the weekend off and then three more dates after that and then we'll be recording some B-sides. So it will be more relaxing in a couple of weeks."
The Lo-Fis weren't expected to develop into a band. Maybe the tiredness stems from that but with the taste of band life has the band found it wants certain levels of success?
"I don't know," starts the Wrekked Train. "We're quite happy with the way it is at the moment. I wouldn't want to be as big as someone as U2. We're sought of taking it in our stride. It feels quite natural. I mean our first gig was quite experimental. We didn't set out to be a huge dance band. Its sought of escalated and its felt right and if it doesn't feel right, then we'll stop doing it and do something else."
The band don't really have a home town as the members hail from different parts of the country as the Priest explains. "Brighton and Leeds are likely to be the closest we'll get to one I mean when we play Brighton it's always packed and when we played Leeds the other night it was absolutely rammed."
You've returned the Roadmenders but this time in the big room, would you consider playing the smaller venues, to be a little personal with your fans?
"The thing is you've got to look at it quite logically because of the demand for people to see us," starts the Train. "I mean if we went to the smaller rooms and there are four hundred people outside that's unfair and we'd be making ourselves unpopular," he laughs aloud then continues. "We would probably get enough people to fill the smaller rooms but I can't see it happening."
"We won't be a big stage band whatever happens. That sought of thing's horrible," admits the Priest.
The Train continues to the consider the fans "I can see very little point in sitting or standing at the back not being able to see or being outside listening. I mean you might as well go home and listen to the album." >>

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