It wasn't long after the release of the charming debut '108 EP' that the evening session, XFM and GLR would start heralding Lowgold as a band worthy to look out for. With a debut album imminent we caught up with the boys.

The pressure is on, mainly with thanks to the '108 EP', but with the single 'Beauty Dies Young' released next week and a debut album due soon, things are hotting up for Lowgold. With references to the latter period of Teenage Fanclub and Neil Young the band have also fast become hailed as "saviours
of the song". So the songs are working thanks to the song writing but what makes a good song for Lowgold?
"The stuff that works for us is the stuff that happens naturally, with no preconceived ideas," starts Darren Ford sitting comfortably in the recently refurbished changing rooms of the Roadmenders. "We don't sit down and
think whether we want a fast or slow song, we want the song to sound like it happens naturally. Other bands have different techniques but that ios what makes our songs good as far as I'm concerned."
Could Darren, the band's songwriter be any more truthful after all the band started by recording onto a four-track. Though what influenced him to make him write what he wrote?
"The deep rooted fear of hard work," laughs Darren. "To avoid getting a
proper job. How many times have you heard that one?"
With Darren writing most of the songs, how did that work for the rest of the band?
"It's a constant source of animosity," starts lead guitarist Dan Symons. It's a comment that sends the band into laughter. "It starts with Darren's songs on
a four track then I come into the equation and put some guitar down over the top. Basically that's how it works for this band. Darren writes the songs, I knob about on guitar parts and then it comes into the general forum to add bits
and bobs. It's been a winning formula for us up to now, but it hasn't always been that way."
Darren is that a fair comment?
"I'd like to think that it's sometimes like a score draw?"
"It is," admits Dan. "Sometimes you think what's the point in changing the
way that it's working if it's working well."
"When it stops working that's when we're in trouble," announces Darren.
So what was the recording of the album like? >>

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