Paul Hills
Before John Simm appeared in 'Human Traffic' and before Andrew Lincoln appeared in 'Teachers' both young actors were brought together under the directorial eye of Paul Hills in the 1996 British flick 'Boston Kickout'.
When Paul began filming 'Boston Kickout' he was twenty six. It took a year
to finish and a year to come out. It's won a few awards, nothing major
"It's always nice to win awards but it's fun and all part of the stuff," admits
Paul. "Consciously, I decided to become a director when I was thirteen. I decided I was going to make films because I was a real movie buff and
I loved the cinema. I became obsessive about it to the point where I didn't attend school and I'd just stay at home and watch afternoon matinees."
Although there was a university that offered an Oceanography course with an attractive six months in the South Pacific, Paul had other plans.
"I thought I won't do that, I'll try and make films and they became a lot
more professional after that. I started writing scripts properly and it wasn't
just my friends who were in them I soon began using the drama college in Letchworth as a casting pool."
It was at the Letchworth college where he met up with Danny Cannon whilst attending the college's A Level film course.
"I started it in '88, Danny started in '87. In the classes I suppose Danny
and I were the film makers. There was a guy who was in both courses called Andrew Saunders and through him I met Danny. Danny started to get
involved in the Luton based co-operative video workshop called '33-Video'. There was no such place in Stevenage, so I started commuting from
Stevenage to Luton to edit my stuff. As we were both working at the 33 studio and attended the film course we saw each other's stuff and became friends. Danny went to the National Film School and 1990 he asked me to produce a film he wasmaking there, called 'Play Dead'."
So in return what did he bring to 'Boston Kickout'?
"I suppose Danny really godfathered it into the industry. Danny and Paul
Trijbit produced the film as I hadn't really had a contact in concrete terms
in the industry. Before that I was very independent."
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