SGT Rock
Tonight SGT Rock plays live supporting guitar punk, pop outfit Brassy. The former singer of Collapsed Lung talks about his new music direction.

SGT Rock admits that using his past band to further his new one is something he is trying to play down.

"It can work for you but it can work against you as well. I'd rather get the stuff out there for people to enjoy it. It'll slip out now and again. One of the things with Collapsed Lung was that 'Eat My Goal' was bigger than Collapsed Lung. It used to get a larger mention than the band on posters. We'll play a set people would dance about a bit and then we'll play 'Eat My Goal' and they'll go mad and then we'd play the rest of the songs and the crowd would start sloping off."

The song was re-released for Euro 96 and then the World Cup but can he say "no" to further re-releases?

"It's really up to the record company. It was a bit of a shame really about the last release as we weren't Collapsed Lung anymore. We'd left the label and they wanted to put it out. They did ask us if we minded if they put it out again. We agreed but then we were asked to go on Top Of The Pops (TOTP). I was like 'Right on'. The others were all, 'No, no, it'll look like we won't believe in what we're doing now.'"

Though he had never been on TOTP before and the band chose not to appear, SGT Rock admits he was "gutted" by the decision. Though now he's moved on and he's big beat orientated? SGT Rock is big beat! Would he call it that?

"No I don't think I would. I'd call it cheap acid beat-funk. I don't like to use the word 'subtle'. Perhaps 'quirky', perhaps 'strange'."

There is talk of a full SGT Rock album on Wiija. The label he chose to sign to over Cardiff based Plastic Ray Gun. >>

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