SGT Rock

"It began when I used to run a club in west London called Ricochet. I used to make tunes on a mini disc and play them out there and they went down really well. So I thought I'd try to get a few things together. Then I got a few remixes and I had a track on Fused & Bruised's various LP 'Daytrip to Brisco'. I later decided to put together this CD with remixes on it and three original tracks. I only sent two copies out. I gave my manager copies to distribute but I don't know if he ever did but I got responses from both my postings."

"They both wanted to release a single. Plastic was a small label and just starting out and things didn't happen. They were sorting out their own deal, organising distribution so in the end I went with Wiija. It worked out pretty well. It's a good label to be on. There are some older tracks on the album but it took like six months to put together."

The album's called 'Live The Dream', is there any particular reason for it's title?

"I don't know. Obviously it's ironic. Anyone who knows the way I live knows that it's not the case."

Are we talking about TOTP again? It must be every musician's dream to appear on TOTP?

SGT Rock smiles. "Exactly. Though going back to your original question it's quite strange playing live again. Being a support band and noticing that the crowds aren't necessarily going for it. Even though they don't seem to be enjoying it we get loads of people coming up afterwards saying good things. During the gig they're looking slightly bemused." He laughs loudly again. "It's not a standard show; it's slightly different."

Interview by Andrew Mclean 2001
Photography © Andrew McLean and Kirit Patel

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