Weapons Of Mass Belief
Sweeping under the radar, Weapons Of Mass Belief set their targets on a gig at the Northampton Soundhaus. isnakebite.com ever primed for action manages to capture two band members. An interrogation takes place. Read the following notes for an account of events.

"Pete tells me you've done our sister," states Georgia as both she and her brother Justin sit on the leather couch at the end of the room.

Their sister would be Jem and I explain that this is not literally and only in the interviewing sense.

"You wish and along with everyone else," she says with a cheeky grin.

Probably, but I explain that I had originally hoped to try and interview W.O.M.B. without mentioning their sister. Unfortunately I failed. If only I had kept my mouth shut.

Weapons Of Mass Belief aka Weapons or W.O.M.B. would form from the works of Justin who at 14 in the seaside town of Penarth in Wales would discover David Bowie's music. The self-confessed huge fan of The Pixies, Jeff Buckley and Marc Bolan pre T Rex, would later discover the world of music technology and then form a band.

"This is how the band's sound developed," begins Justin or JG to the band's fans. "When we added a guitarist, bassist and a live drummer I was no longer programming. So the sound developed into a rock fashion."

Influenced by the dance elements of Prodigy, Beastie Boys the band found themselves compared against their influences alongside RATM, Linkin Park, Supergrass crossed with Eminem, Cypress Hill and strangely B52s. I throw my own into the pot and mention close suggestions of Senser, which causes a reaction from JG.

"I haven't heard their songs but others have also said that to me. It fascinates me if it is similar, that two bands can just separately come across a similar sound." >>

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