Asian Dub Foundation
Not too long after their first Snakebite interview a few months earlier, the boys have their chance to air their opinions on all things including the NME, The Verve and Scooby Doo. Andrew Mclean does the interview part once more.

Since the last time we interviewed you, you've had a lot of media attention. Pandit G laughs, "Was that you're fault then? We'll have to blame you." Seriously though do you think there was one particular moment that made this change?
Chandrasonic is the first to comment "I don’t think there was a particular moment. These things, once they get a vibe they always write about a group, they follow them around. It goes you know, kind of like a wolf pack. It helps
us to get out to people. You know there are only a few people who have interviewed us that are really into us."
Pandit G continues "A lot of times when people go to do an interview with a band they go and can only speak to one person. With us you can speak to any of us. So we can get through the interviews all right."
The band have been around now for a while and they've achieved and experienced a lot from the day they formed in a London community workshop. In terms of personal appreciation how do they feel about things?
"You get the buzz from getting the crowds in and releasing a single amongst others. It’s all complimentary to each other," explains Pandit G.
"Yes, it’s all one lot, we don’t try to make that distinction or analyse it like that," admits Dr Das.
"I tell you what is really good," starts Chandrasonic. "Is if you can actually get all that and make it work for something positive, like the Satpal Ram movement. That’s a huge bonus."
Primal Scream have admitted they love your music right? But a lot of people can’t seem to get out of that text. There are people going around saying "Asian Dub Foundation, Primal Scream love ‘em."
"I don’t really consider that to be a problem," starts Chandrasonic. "If people want to perceive music on a trivial level like that. >>
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