Trying to locate the offices of Viva Records, one of the Philippines largest record labels is a hard task. Once inside within a few minutes I'm led to a small room and shortly joined by Amber, a young American Filipino artist who has returned home and is hoping to whip up a storm with her debut album. Time to ask some questions then.

Amber is currently promoting the release of her debut album 'Feel Good Music'. Having recently returned from performing in Japan, like many young and new artistes she's keen to tour more, particularly abroad and with hopes to release the album in Malaysia and Singapore, Amber may just get that opportunity.

"It was really nice and cool to return to Japan after three months," explains Amber beaming a big smile. "I was there making the album and to complete it, bring it back and perform it, was really rewarding."

Amber Rowley is not unused to travelling. The child of an American father and Filipina mother, she was born in America, relocated to the Philippines with her family at the age of five, then returned to the US for high school. After high school, Amber settled in Los Angeles and by 2004 after working with different touring groups and providing some backing vocals to the likes of Hillary Duff and recording two singles for the independent basketball film 'Playas Ball', she moved to Osaka.

The chirpy and upbeat songstress admits from her side of the table that Markus Davis, the producer of her album, helped her "get the gig" of lead vocalist for a popular rock and hip hop show at Universal Studios which he was also producing. They met six years ago in LA and have built a strong friendship and musical relationship that Amber isn't afraid to hide, as she frequently answers my questions with reference to herself and Markus.

"He was actually the first producer I ever worked with. We were both starting out as producer and artist. So it was kind of really cool. To grow together as a team meant everything. So I was really lucky to be able to have someone like that who was able to put the time in and who knows you personally whether you're writing songs or they're writing songs. They know what you want to say or what you want to tell people. So it's very comfortable and really cool to be in that." >>

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