In an effort to avoid the cacophony of sounds from within the Hemel Hempstead nightclub JJs and its external smoking room, myself and the three piece rock band Bleech are standing outside, huddled together in a far corner, cigarette free discussing the band's earlier performance.

The O'Neill sisters, Jennifer and Katherine play guitar and bass respectively, rather well in fact that along with a mutual interest of music, brought them to play in a band together.

"It was just one of those things. We never thought about not doing it [playing together as sisters]," begins Jen. "I played guitar, Katherine played bass. We played together. In fact.....", she says looking towards her sister and forming an instant sibling psychic connection.

"....In fact, we've never played with anyone else," laughs Katherine.

The line up is completed by Matt Bick, the band's drummer a self confessed Beach Boys fan amongst other things, "I make myself useful," he laughs. "I pack the van and make the tea."

"For three years, at least under the name of Bleech, there hasn't been any family feuds to affect the music though eldest sister Jen does admit to "being the mum in the band."

"I boss everyone around," she jokes.

Bossing aside, musically, as can be imagined there is a variety of bands or songs that influence the trio. There is of course Matt with the aforementioned Beach Boys with an equal affinity to Jim Morrison and whilst ZZ Top gets a mention from someone, Jen reveals a little more.

"Bands that we've been influenced by are those when we've been driving long distances in the van to gigs. When we have our ipod on random, the only band we don't skip is Queens Of The Stone Age."

Jen also reveals an influence to their first release and the song that finished their set, 'Is It True That Boys Don't Cry?' >>

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Photo :: Andrew McLean
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