"There's no set thing," states Matt. "The penultimate song we played tonight 'I Want To Be Me', we recorded in the studio and just plated loud and a melody happened. It just happens but other songs you've got to work a bit harder on."

One thing for certain that the band had to work hard on, was making their way to a gig supporting Wolfmother.

The result of a successful performance at the Camden Crawl would see the German booking agency invite Bleech to perform at a festival in Germany. They were well received and invited back and then invited to support Wolfmother for two dates. Though they nearly didn't make the second gig.

"The traffic was bad," begins Jen. "They closed the main road, Matt had to use a Sat Nav and we got there in time. We literally sound checked, the doors were opened and we had to go on stage. It was probably one of the best gigs we've ever played."

The band enjoyed their time in Germany, judging by all the various beers and meats they claimed to have brought back.

"We played two club nights," states Katherine, "They sold out and the gigs were a bit overwhelming."

Interviewed by Andrew Mclean 2010
Photography ©
Paul Soso & © Richard Harris & © Andrew McLean

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Photo :: Richard Harris
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