It seems a rather personal account. Would they reveal what made them want to write the song?

"It wasn't written as a single," explains Jen. "It was an answer to the Cure. A question to them."

The debut album is currently being recorded at Paul Lynch's (of Paul Weller and Primal Scream fame) Hammersmith studio; I'm sadly informed without their song for the Cure. How has the band approached making the album?

"Everything we said it's good, we're being told it could be better," explains Jen laughing. "We've been pushed and pushed and we've written good songs."

"It's all mind games," adds Matt.

"We've had sweat, no blood or tears yet," replies Jen

Perhaps Jen will have to loosen her bossiness with producer Mick Lister.

"I've been firmly put in my place," laughs Jen. "I've been told a few times that I’m doing something wrong. But I'm being told "I'm wrong"."

"But he will explain why," adds Matt to Mick's defence.

Has the song writing style may have changed at all because they are writing to complete an album?

"We've just written about the things around us," begins Jen. They have inspired us; personal things. I think that really is our biggest inspiration. We don't write to fit criteria." >>

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