Dogs Die In Hot Cars
No it's not a warning from Barbera Woodhouse, it's a hot new outfit from Glasgow. Andrew Mclean collars them on tour.
I'm currently sitting in the tour bus of 'Dogs Die In Hot Cars' with the band's lead singer Craig Macintosh and bassist Lee Worrall. As Craig would explain,
it wasn't a mutual interest that brought the band together, it was more through friendship that originated as far back as from nursery school. With the exception of keyboardist Ruth Quigley who met guitarist Gary Smith at college, the friends would "muck around" with their instruments finally transcending years later to actually playing songs in full. Eventually giving up playing cover songs to make ends meet and leaving the band name 'The Band From Never Neverland' behind for an equally lengthy one. Their friendship would see them tour the country supporting the likes of Athlete, Feeder and Shack as well as playing 'T In The Park' and the XFM night at 'In The City'. The current tour, supporting the 22-20s, sees the tour bus parked outside the Soundhaus in Northampton.

"I remember when our manager came back in this bus," recalls Craig. "I was surprised by how much it cost. He said it was three grand, it's a crock of shit."

Though he would be the first to admit that it does the job, particularly for carting all the bands gear from their home. Although the band comes from St Andrews in Fife they all now reside in one big house in Glasgow as he explains.

"The house has its own rehearsal room. We all contribute to the songs and will go in there and work on them. Though usually Gary and myself will come up with an idea. It's a great environment to work in. You can sit down smoke,
have a cup of tea and have a chat. We're quite picky about our songs and work a lot on each of them. It's takes us a while to produce because I think we
have a good quality control, because we have to get it right."

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