Dogs Die In Hot Cars
"It's easy to write and focus on one sort of influence," begins Craig,
"Personally the thing that interests me most lyrically is just sociology, people's behaviour. I didn't realise it till someone commented from our label bit right now you can see it in a lot of the songs. It's totally true every song is about making comments about the way people behave."

The record deal for Virgin's offshoot Radiate came after a performance in Laurence Davey, the band's drummers' bedroom. Just by mentioning it causes Craig and Lee to laugh. So how did the album deal come about?

"We signed a one single deal," begins Lee, "It was a bit of a calling card to
the rest of industry with a view to getting an album deal. Over the six months or whatever a lot of people were interested and we whittled it down to a few. V2 seemed the bets place to go. A lot of people had heard the name before they heard the music, luckily our music was good."

Honesty gets you everywhere and after the laughing subsided it was time to ask whether the band had taken well to all the achievements that they'd accomplished in such a short space of time.

Lee begins, "I think if all this had happened and we were younger it would
have been scary. Maybe we may have even in awe. We built up to that, we reached the point where we knew we needed a manager and we needed to put out a record and we did it. We've been progressing a lot."

"I think you've got to be believe in it," admits Craig, " We wouldn't have been on the dole for several years, without knowing that we were on it because we were eventually going to get to this point. This point is the beginning of a professional career. All that shit before is the working up to actually starting to work."

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