Dogs Die In Hot Cars
"I think we have had good exposure, considering where we are as a band," starts Craig, "XFM have supported us well and we did the Radio 1 sessions. Though it's been really good because we've been touring a lot since the single came out."

Are there any expectations for the forthcoming recording of the album?

"We've been sitting on a lot of the songs for a long time," announces Lee,
"We went into the studio a couple of weeks ago to lay down a couple of tracks. It was such a great feeling but also a relief to get it down and to be able to listen back to it the way you imagined it. We will eventually lock ourselves
away for a month and record in a residential studio and put it all down it's like
a dream come true."

So who is producing the album?

"Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley," bellows Craig without any hesitance.
"They produced Madness, Elvis Costello and David Bowie. They did 'Razorblade Suitcase' for Bush, which made Bush fucking huge." He pauses then sighs, "It wasn't even about what they did in the past and I expect a lot of people may comment on Madness and we'll no doubt get the Ska references but that's not what we're really about. We met a lot of producers and the real difficult thing was that we got on well with all of them. We met Clive a few times and just by speaking to him we felt that we were on the same kind of wavelength and thought it would be worth going into the studio and do a few tracks with them as they've got good pedigree."

So that makes two.

Interview by Andrew Mclean 2003
Photography © Dogs Die In Hot Cars
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