It’s early in the evening and a ten minute search of Aylesbury uncovers the punk-pop-powered rock band Fungus killing time after their sound check in an amusement arcade. After a polite introduction, the band hailing from Varberg in Sweden are convinced to return to the Buckingham Arms for an interview.

Caroline and Johan, the band's drummer and guitarist-vocalist respectively offer to undertake interview duties whilst their other band colleagues play pool. The band where signed to Food in February last year but it seems they haven't stopped touring.

"This is our fifth tour," states Caroline. "Though some have been quite short."

Have any gigs in particular stood out?

"We played Manchester and supported Silverchair," begins Caroline. "I enjoyed that I think it’s the supporting gigs that stand out more. You have bigger venues, more people, crowd surfing. As for one of the gigs of our own, we played the Cavern in Exeter. That's a really nice place, with lots of nice people."

It wasn't that long ago that they supported Terrorvision, so those gigs must have been good?

"That was our first proper tour," adds Caroline. "That was a great experience. To feel what it's like to be part of a big tour."

Hailing from Sweden, has there been any attempt to sing the songs in Swedish as well as English?

"We've been writing the songs in English all the time. I don't think that Swedish is really a musical language. It's quite hard."

Questioning whether they would even consider reworking their songs to allow them to translate into Swedish send the pair into laugher.

"You never know," laughs Johan. "It will sound quite silly."

"Like I said our language isn’t really that musical," says a smiling Caroline. >>

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Photo ::  Tom Sheenhan
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