"We don’t have diphthongs like "ie" and "ou". We don't have those kind of pronunciations. I think that also there might be some subconscious thing that we want to reach out to more than just people from Sweden. English is the international language. All the bands that we listen to sing in English, that's probably an influence. When I was young I thought English was cool, I could hear it on the telly on the radio.”

How has it been for Caroline being in a band with three guys?

"Nowadays I don't think about it really because we've been together for so long," she begins. "Our tour manager is a guy and so is our sound engineer. There are times on tour when I wish there was another girl member that I could talk to but its okay, it works. The guys are pretty straight forward they don't talk shit behind your back that I find girls can do some times. The guys don't gossip, I think its fun but they don't do that."

Do you think that being in a band has changed you at all?

"I don't think we've changed," claims Caroline. "I think the opinion of us from the people around us has a little bit. I don't think that I've changed. It's weird that my hobby has become my profession. Being in a band will change things for you, but as a person I wouldn't say I’ve changed."

Further discussions; reveal Caroline's interest in knowing what's going on.

"The band make fun of me because I make lists to questions to ask our lawyer," she laughs.

Would it be wrong to suggest that Caroline is the boss of the band, keeping them under control?

"Yeah," says a smiling Johan whilst nodding his head frantically. >>

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Photo ::  Andrew McLean
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