"Johan is the musical boss with regards to writing and arrangement," laughs Caroline. "I'm more towards the practical side of things."

Johan joking claims Caroline's efforts are more maternal. Which Caroline jokingly takes offence to.

"No she's not really. Caroline's good at organising people because we're not."

The band have now released two singles, but how did it feel to release the first 'I Wanna Be A Doll'?

"I laughed," admits Caroline. "We had been playing the song for quite a while. Of course it's a special feeling when you're holding it in your hand, after all the hours of rehearsing and practising. It was a really good feeling."

What was the song about? A simple question, which causes Johan to react by laughing.

"It's about a guy who isn't satisfied with his life," begins Johan. "He doesn't want to disappear or die, but then he doesn't want to live either."

Was it based around anyone that you knew?

"No," states Johan.

If it was, would he reveal it anyway?

"Maybe, maybe not," he says smiling.

Interviewed by Andrew Mclean 1999
Photography ©
Tom Sheehan & © Andrew McLean

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Photo ::  Andrew McLean
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