Downstairs at the Bedford Esquires, Glitterbox have assembled at Danny's Bar for a pre gig interview. However there is a delay to proceedings as an argument between two patrons erupts with the end result of one patron being escorted from the bar.

"Bedford man," begins lead singer Jonny Green. "It's not as boring as we thought it would be."

After the brief interruption and a few sniggers, the interview begins. Some of the lyrics for 'Take Me To Bed' are "dragging you under", would Jonny mind explaining what they are referring to?

"There's a brilliant scene in David Lych's 'Razorhead', where this man goes to bed with his next-door neighbour and they have this sought of weird slow sex and they sink down into the bed and that was the image I was sought of thinking of."

The band met at a London art school, with the exception of bassist Tony Holland.

"They picked me up at a new years party," adds Tony laughing.

"When we started off we couldn't play our instruments," explains Jonny. "It started off as an idea rather than something that we could make concrete. We met Tony and he seemed someone who knew what he was talking about with instruments. He could play."

Fours year later they are playing Bedford on a mild November evening can they remember their first band practice together?

"I rang you," says Jonny to Tony. "And asked if you would do a gig, because we had a gig booked and we didn't have a bass player. He came along and learnt in two hours six songs, something like that. It was just chaos. The first practice that Miles and I had together. . . . ."

"…..was just ridiculous," concludes guitarist Mile Heseltine. >>

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Photo ::  Steve Double
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