"Indirectly it was," states Jonny. "We were angry at the crowd for being so fucking narrow minded."

He should perhaps channel that anger and energy into song writing.

"Anger is quite good I suppose," continues Jonny. "I think you've got to be fairly contemplative to write a song. If we're in a rehearsal studio together and there's some tension there that's quite good. I think tension is a good thing for rock and roll bands."

"Yeah it forces an idea through really if someone gets pissed off with something," says Miles slightly nodding in agreement.

So by definition Glitterbox is a rock and roll band. Rock and roll bands play their music loud don’t they? Glitterbox apparently do as Jonny explains.

"We have a volume competition on stage which is fucking getting to my throat and making me hoarse. We behave just like every other bunch of blokes that go on tour together. You get six men in a van. It starts off with the first two days being really civilised and then it descends into full on horror."

Though Glitterbox shouldn't be perceived as an angst ridden collective of individuals looking to music as a form of escapism.

"I think we're doing what no-one else is doing," states Jonny. "We might be a little bit awkward in the context of what is going on at the moment. I think it would be rewarding if they gave us a second listen. We're an amazing pop band and as good as anything out there at the minute. It will change your life. We really believe that music can change your life, that's what we're doing it for."

Interviewed by Andrew Mclean 1997
Photography ©
Steve Double & © Andrew McLean

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Photo :: Andrew McLean
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