"Miles got stoned and fell asleep," laughs Jonny.

"I was okay for the first five minutes but everything just started slowing down and then collapsed," explains Miles.

"The first gig was probably the best gig we’ve ever played," states Tony. "There was something like 350 people rammed in a small pub in south London. It’s all gone downhill since then," he finishes laughing.

"Our first gig was crazy. It was really mad," begins Jonny. "We were supporting a covers band but the audience fucking loved us. We were like pure adrenaline at the time I think, because we couldn't really hold it together very well. It was total aggression."

"No. We held it together but with total energy and aggression," states a smiling Tony.

The band aren’t strangers to situations on stage be it as Glitterbox, or as their previous UK monicker She.

"A women grabbed hold of my leg and successfully pulled me off stage once," laughs Jonny. "The other week on this tour," he continues. "I got on stage and heard someone shouting my name and it was the singer of 'A' and I was like "What?" and he was nodding his head and looking down. I asked, "What's the problem?" I'd just come from the toilet, my flies were open and the lad was out."

The band reveals that last night's gig in Swansea didn't go well.

"We all came off with minor injuries," states Miles.

Was this by chance crowd inflicted? >>

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Photo :: Andrew McLean
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