The Hedrons
We met up with the Scottish band on their first major tour south at the Soundhaus in Northampton amidst reports of a stalker of the band in close promixity to the venue.

"There may have been a few cloudy heads in the morning," begins Chi, whilst describing the celebrations for signing to the Scottish independent label Measured Records. "Though we wouldn't need that many drinks as we were so vibed up after all the work that we had put in."

It would appear that the girls found time to play a little during their busy work schedule. It's a schedule that continues and is one that they appear to relish. References about the band being able to "cut it" have been made before in interviews, the girls mention it again tonight a couple of times. No doubt the subject will raise its head again but the girls hope that this tour south of the border and a more extensive tour towards the end of the year will help to put the subject to bed.

"We wouldn't have been able to get these dates without Measured," admits Soup. "It's not a massive label," she continues. "But it does the job. It gets our singles out into the shops. We were majorly excited about signing because we knew it was our ticket to getting out."

"But it's not easy," adds Chi. "We're just pushing it to show that we are hard working and we can cut this and get our name out to as many people as possible."

In attempting to do so and to increase the longevity of the band, have the girls analysed things and looked at the possibility that if they might have to do something different because they are a girl band?

"No," begins Soup. "The only thing I could see stopping us progressing are people that have heard about us and haven't seen us play live and they have a perception in their mind that because we are girls there is no point in bothering about us and that we're an average girl band. At the end of the day we're in a male dominant industry. It's easier for a guy band to break in, as it's seen as normal." >>

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