The Junket
In the room at the back of Bar Central in Milton Keynes, sits The Junket. We try to impress them with our honesty on our thoughts of their live performances and get corrected by the band on their discography. Well you can't win them all. The Junket, the biggest thing ever to come from Kettering!

So is there much to do in the evenings in Kettering?

"You can go to the same pub every night and drink a lot," says Reu, the band's drummer.

"Drinking a lot is basically what happens. There are about fifty pubs in Kettering and it's like two miles wide or something," declares the bands bassist, Steve with a large smile.

"You can throw stones over the lake at the park that's as enthralling as it gets but it's a cool place. Regardless of what anyone says," announces Rick whilst shuffling in one of those plastic chairs you had at school.

Was the lack of things to do influential on you starting a band?

"I think it gives you a drive to get out more," states Steve.

"Yeah," says Rue nodding in agreement, "Being in a small place gives you a drive to do something with yourself."

Now sitting up straight, Rick gives us his own thoughts. "It wasn't that it made us want to start a band more that it made us want to be in a successful band. We already wanted to be in a band." He turns to Steve. "Don't you reckon?"

"Yeah we experienced a lot of the small town minded negativeness," he replies.

The band have toured for two months and released a mini album. Have they found that they have improved a lot in a short space of time?

"We toured for the two months which helped a lot. I don't really know. Songwriting wise, sure, but I don't think we've necessarily improved," declares Rick. >>

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