Pure Reason Revolution
It's Friday night and in a couple of hours Pure Reason Revolution will be performing. So we grab them for some personal time to catch up with what's been happening to them over the last year.

It's almost a revolution in itself that thanks to local promoters MONO, Pure Reason Revolution are playing tonight inside the realms of a Milton Keynes shopping centre. It certainly gets the vote of Chloe; "It's great to walk out of a venue into a nice warm complex and to a plethora of restaurants and bars. Fuck character, I want comfort."

Indeed, as I drink with guitarists Chloe and Jon in such a bar on the shopping centre's lower level, I confess it's been a while since we last met. It was in fact last July, when the band played at one of our promotions in Luton. I would like to say that the Luton gig played some part of the band's success, but it's doubtful. Instead their manager Jonathan Cook, will later tell a tale of how the band got signed. A story that includes late night calls from America, bribery and frantic hunts for lost demo disks amongst other things.

As I recall the band members were multi-talented and would often swap instruments on stage. Was that still the case?

"Yes, it's nice to have a bit of variation and no-one gets bored," admits Chloe.

So it's like an office thing, you cover for when someone else gets ill?

Chloe, proclaimed band tambourine shaker, laughs. "It would be a bit tricky," she continues after regaining some composure. "Though we might be able to. It would be more interesting to watch as well, to see the rotation stuff."

The last time I watched the band, they were supporting Hope Of The States at the London Astoria. It was the one where the smoke machine went a bit over the top for everyone. Chloe laughs as I reminisce. It had been mentioned previously in an interview that those gigs were the biggest that the band had played. So how did they come about? >>

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