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They will get an inteniry of what they'll be doing but most of them don't get any input at all. Certainly everyone asks us about Natalie Imbruglia and what she thinks. I don't think she's ever even heard it. We'll ask the A&R man does the artist like it and they'll of course say "yes". We remixed the Manic Street Preachers and it was probably the best remix that we had ever done. It was needed by the end of this week for 'The Everlasting'. It's going to be on our album because it's the best piece of music we've ever made. We remixed it and gave them the details of a keyboard sample. We told them because we didn't want them to get fucked up about it. As soon as they got it they were like "What? Samples, who said you could use samples, we're not using it". We had spent a week and half doing this remix. Steve went into overtime because he likes the band. He put all this effort into it. But it was the lawyer. The Manics liked it. That has been the only time we've experienced that type of problem."
With every good offer I expect there comes a bad offer?
"Bewitched asked us, INXS asked us but we didn't want to do those at all. The Hurricane#1 remix, I admit we did that for the money. We had to do it but there's very few like that. We knew that we could do the Hurricane#1 remix because the music was actually quite good."
Quite good? This objectivity suggests that a song must meet certain criteria before it receives the special Rae & Christian treatment?
"We will always listen to an original song and if we hate the vocals, then we won't remix it."
It's as simple as that then?
"There was a band we were asked to remix by Epic. I can't remember the name, basically it was Air but with fifty percent of any quality removed. Exactly the same as Air, like the vocals at key changes, keyboards etc and we turned
it down because we thought it was a disgusting attempt to sound exactly like someone else. We don't want to be associated with people doing shit. But then again if someone's got a shit record and you can do a remix which really catches people's imagination and attention then fuck it, it's brilliant in some ways as well. >>
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