Rae & Christian
You mentioned your collaboration with the Jungle Brothers earlier you've also done a few remixes for some other American hip hop acts. Are you interested in moving towards working with more of these acts?
"On the next album we want to work with Q-Tip and Pharcyde. There's other things that we're going to experiment with, but we want them to do two songs and keep it down to that."
What about the Wu-Tang Clan?
"I do love the Wu-Tang Clan, I love Method Man. I like Genius (aka GZA) the most actually. Genius likes us as well. What do you think to that? He put Aim's 'Soul Dive' as his favourite of the week."
You're very well suited to the hip hop style what was it that made you choose it?
"What had the most impact on me was the beginning of "I Am Bad" by LL Cool J. That blew away my mind when I first heard it. Hip-hop has an energy to it that other music doesn't."
But you're album is called "Northern Sulphuric Soul" is it wrong to expect that you're influenced at all by the Northern Soul sound?
"It was a title that came from Luke from the Unerboppers", starts Mark. "He did 'Electric Chair'. He just said it in a shop one day when hearing a record, I liked it. We did use it before for a single release. We looked at the album rather than making it up, it was based on things. Basically the relationship is that Northern Soul is based in club culture while our music is based in club culture, even though to club people who don't think so. Before people danced to House, people danced to electro, to soul, to reggae. That spirit of it being based purely on music rather than fashion."
When do you actually sit back to chill out and reflect on what you've
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