Rae & Christian
"I don't get a chance, but then it's not in my personality. A lot of people who have nine to fives, they give that up and there's a mental space that they just forget about themselves and when they come back they have hobbies and relax. Because it's the music business, but it's our own music business that we've created, it was our lives, it was something that was a hobby that we really loved, it envelops you really. I am relaxing, because I'm going on holiday but I'm Djing around Australia. So it's not really what you would call a proper holiday."
You've just come back from touring Australia. How did it go? Were they having it?
"Totally, three thousand of them, E'd out of their tits, going nuts on an emu farm in Perth. It was in an Ampthi theatre as well. It was fucking scary. I was scared of the crowd because they were that fucking intense."
So when do you get the chance to dance?
"I sought of dance whilst I'm DJing. I've struggled with dancing previously because there are very few people or places that play the music that I would dance to. I get the chance when I'm out at festivals and stuff because when you've done your thing you can walk out and go into another tent where no-one knows you and just go bananas, which is marvellous."

Interview by Andrew Mclean 2001
All photography © Rae & Christian 2001
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