Rodrigo y Gabriela
Tonight Mexicans Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero, strangely enough known as 'Rodrigo & Gabriela', are performing at the Venezuelan Embassy in London to celebrate the launch of their album 'Re-Foc'.

Yes they were once buskers and could be on the streets swapping songs for silver coins and after hearing them any questions raised about busking end after tonight. There's talk of supporting Courtney Pine in the New Year followed by a headline tour and once you've heard them play there will be different questions to ask.

Both Rodrigo and Gabriela were former members of a Mexican metal band called 'Tierra Acida' though you wouldn't know it once you heard them play their own brand of mixed classical, latin, salsa, flamenco and folk. Well okay you might expect some heavier influences as during the performance Rodrigo would slip in riffs from Deep Purple, Metallica and The White Stripes.

"Heavy metal was a step," admits Gabriela with a large smile. The young attractive guitar player would always answer with a friendly smile, laugh and surprisingly the occasional swear word. "It was only when we arrived in Ireland," she continues. "That we tried to compose something different. When we were surviving in the streets through busking we were learning different compositions. People kept coming over commending us and interrupting us. We were thinking." She stops and laughs aloud. "Fuck off, we're trying to work, we don't give a fuck."

So the change was a step, a natural progression?

"Salsa is quite big in Mexico," begins a giggling Gabriela. "But when you're a middle-class teenager you fucking hate salsa. You prefer the American style rock. So we're like, yuck get rid if it. It's still there in our music though because we were born there." She laughs again. "So at some stage it's going to come across."

Rodrigo's been listening to "Old style" (sic) Megadeath, Pantera, Slayer and Sepultra whilst recording their debut album. >>

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